Sunday, 27 December 2009

Man-Catcher Follow-Up

The debate came up among my tasters, 'how dense is pound cake supposed to be?' This cake is obviously more dense than the average cake (box mixes included) but was it too dense? Two voted No, one voted Yes and I was just happy that it hadn't exploded in the oven. The post-it for improvements on this recipe reads: follow directions better!, beat longer (beating adds air to the batter and should hypothetically make cakes fluffier and less dense) and try using real lemon (the lemon extract is good but very very strong! maybe real lemon will give a nice but slightly less overpowering flavor?). Overall though, this is a very good very simple recipe. I took the extra cake into work and my co-workers did not seem disappointed!

The cake had collapsed slightly on top because of the Tollhouse Cookies. What's the recipe for disaster? Take Tollhouse cookies on top of the fridge, next to the oven and put them in a heavy tin. Pull the heavy tin off the fridge a little too quickly and let it go crashing onto the stove top. . . voila, a slightly flat top on an otherwise beautiful cake. How to solve this problem? Well, when you flip the cake out onto the paper to cool it, look! the 'bottom' of the cake is perfectly flat and gorgeously browned. The bottom has become the top and those devouring the masterpiece are none the wiser that the cake had a slight avalanche in the oven.

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