Sunday, 27 December 2009

2.) Banana Muffins with Cinnamon and Oat Crumble

I lied! Only my second day with a bakery and I'm already telling lies to you, my dear customers. Today, I didn't make feta and zucchini muffins because lo and behold, it's snowing. Snowing! I don't want to drive to the store, I've already slid around on the roads enough today, thank you very much! So what's laying around the house? Bananas. Is there a cupcake recipe that calls for bananas and not much else? Sure thing. However, these tasty treats prove that the post-Christmas daze may well last past the new year. This recipe is absurdly simple! The usual suspects plus a mashed banana get thrown into a bowl, mixed on medium for two minutes, spooned into little paper cups (I have little holiday wrappers right now) and then covered in an oatmeal, cinnamon, flour, butter, sugar crumble.

But when the recipe says 1 cup Self-Rising flour and you're using All-Purpose flour - REMEMBER TO ADD BAKING POWDER OR YOUR CUPCAKES WILL NOT RISE.

Despite the non-rising nature of these cupcakes, the flavor is still very tasty. The potential wonderful-ness of these mini-treasures is apparent. Now, some of my tasters, very kindly taking the missing baking powder into consideration, argue that they want more "Pop" out of the taste. I however thought the banana flavour was great. Not too sweet, not too subtle. The sweetness and the texture comes from the oatmeal in the crumble and it's a very nice addition. A little warm butter and a little baking powder and I think these cupcakes would be a real breakfast winner!

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