Wednesday, 7 July 2010

10.) Quiche lorraine

Here's a quick fact and an amazing discovery.

Quiches are EASY!

I made this quiche a few weeks ago and it was pretty darn good. My recipe calls for two eggs + two egg yolks, creme fraiche (heavy cream), milk, grated cheese (emmental), lardons (bits of bacon - fry before adding to quiche), and a pastry shell (prebake halfway).

Don't put the cheese on top! Even if your recipe tells you to. Place the cheese and the lardons into the halfbaked pastry shell BEFORE adding the egg/milk/cream mixture. Trust me. If you don't, the cheese turns an icky unhealthy brown/black colour. NOT appetizing.

The first time I tried this recipe, the grate in the oven was uneven. The mixture overflowed the pie shell and went underneath it. Still edible but decidedly less attractive. Try to make sure that your grate is level before starting!

The third time I made this recipe, I added tomatoes and zucchinis. A word to the wise: deseed and precook the zucchinis and deseed/pat dry the tomatoes. For the zucchinis, it's more a matter of taste. For the tomatoes it's a question of liquid. If you include the seeds and all that goo in the center, you'll end up with too much liquid in your quiche. It'll bake funny and be runny even when it's ready to come out of the oven. Boo!

The fourth time I made this recipe, I realized that I needed to move on or we were only going eat to quiches all summer. In any case, it's sure that quiches are a quick, easy way to impress those you're feeding. And! you can add any ingrediant you want to them as long as you keep in mind how they're going to taste together and how they're going to affect the liquid content of your quiche.

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  1. God save the quiches, ya pas mieux !!
    (essaie avec des poireaux et du roquefort... sooo french, so gooooood !)
    I love this blog !